Swordfishing in Hatteras, NC

An excellent prize to catch is the swordfish. Most people think you need to fish at night to catch this prized fish—that is a huge misconception. Swordfish feed at night near the surface and during the day roam depths of 2,000 feet deep.

Well we have the expertise on where they live and how to catch them during the day. This is what makes us the top charter on Cape Hatteras for catching your swordfish. Reserve your Outer Banks fishing charter with us today to catch that swordfish that’ll make your friends jealous.

Deep Sea Fishing at the Outer Banks

We are outfitted with the best equipment made for this type of fishing, Krystal electric reels with hand crank option available as well. A typical swordfish day time drop takes about 20 minutes to reach bottom so it can be rather time consuming but the rewards are great.

Swordfish have very very soft mouths so we use light drag and can take up to an hour to finally get him up. I feel like the best time to get the most bites is early spring and summer. There are plenty of resident fish that live in our Hatteras canyon year round.