Shark Fishing Charters

The same areas that we fish for bottom fish, we also have some excellent shark fishing. If you are looking for sharks, this is the place to be. Our top three species include the Bull shark, Tiger shark, and the Hammerhead shark. There are some large monsters down there which you will want to make every effort to catch.

In addition there are other sharks that share these waters to include Sandbar, Reef, Thresher, and Mako. All these sharks live around these deep water ledges and wrecks.

Sometimes the sharks make bottom fishing a bit more exciting. Each shark is unique in catching. They are fighters as any fish would be.

Deep Sea Fishing at the Outer Banks

These sharks are are powerful and fast moving. They will attempt to wear you out as you bring them in. These beasts are powerful enough to snap lines and straighten the hooks. This is the reason that we use top quality equipment to reduce the possibility of a loss catch.

Think of the stories you will have to share when you return home or to work. Imagine how your friends would respond on seeing the shark that you caught. Image all the shark steaks that would fill the freezer too.

As you can see, we have some great fun. Book Your Charter your fishing trip for shark today.

man in white t-shirt leaning over boat to bring in shark caught on fishing line in water